The Special Educational Program in FMOS

The Special Educational Program

The Special Educational Program
Core credits Number of credits
Icelandic 35
Math 21
English 21
Life skills 35
Vocational credits Number of credits
Field trips 9
Lifestyle and nutrition 21
Occupational training 20
Public health and sports 5
Elective courses 33

The special educational program is for students that have had a significant remedial teaching in primary school and require individual learning, where the teaching is based on an individual curriculum or a curriculum for a small group of students. An application must be submitted beforehand and the school reviews the applicants based on various disabilities. The curriculums are created based on the national curriculum of upper secondary schools in Iceland, as well as on the background information and the evaluation on development and previous studies of the students. The students from this program can attend courses of the other educational programs with or without support, based on their knowledge, capability and skills in the chosen courses.

In the special educational program, similarly to the other programs available in school, there is emphasis on students being active, learn independence and show initiative. In order to achieve this the program uses a variety of teaching methods and the students are evaluated based on formative assessment. The ideology is for students to acquire knowledge through assignment based learning and discussions. Moreover, that the constant feedback the students receive will assist the students and help further studies and enhance their performance.

The final goals of the special educational program:

That students:

  • develop an overall growth and enhance their social skills,
  • become more independent through formative assessment and confident in their daily activities,
  • receive an education that they can use in their daily life and during leisure activities,
  • are able to attend classes in the other programs based on their skills and ability,
  • get an opportunity to visit companies and get introductions to various jobs,
  • get an opportunity to intertwine learning and simple tasks at school, at general workplaces or at sheltered workshops. 

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