The Shorter Programs in FMOS

The school has four shorter programs: the general program, the arts program, the horsemanship program and the sport and public health program. These programs vary in length and can be used as a part of the Open Program. 

Educational Programs – Core of the Shorter Programs

The General Program:

The final goal for the general program is for students to have increased their ability to tackle learning in an upper secondary school. 

Subject The General Program
Icelandic 10
Math 10
English 10
Life Skills 5
Environmental studies 5
Computer skills 2
Public health and sports 2
Credits 44


The Arts, Sport and Public Health and Horsemanship Programs:

Subject The Arts Program The Sport and Public Health Program The Horsemanship Program
Icelandic 15 15 15
Math 15 15 10
English 15 15 10
Life Skills 5 5 5
Environmental studies 5 5 5
Computer skills 2 2  
Public health and sports 3 3 2
Other related credits to the field 30 30 43

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