The Policy and Ideology of Framhaldsskólinn í Mosfellsbæ

Framhaldsskólinn í Mosfellsbær is an upper secondary school located in Mosfellsbær.

The school offers ambitious forms of learning in the field of social science, natural science and an open program. Those programs end with “stúdentspróf” which is a university entrance qualification. Furthermore, the school offers shorter lines, as well as a special educational program.

The school aims

  • for students to develop an overall growth and for them to participate in a society by offering each student an education that fits their needs,
  • to prepare students for further studies and for them to be ready to enter life in general,
  • to enhance the skills of students in Icelandic, both the spoken and the written form,
  • to empower students in the fields of moral consciousness, accountability, broad-mindedness, initiative and confidence,
  • to train students in critical thinking, equality and for them to focus on learner autonomy,
  • to teach students to enjoy cultural values and to encourage them to search for knowledge,
  • to mediate knowledge and train the students for specialized employment and that they qualify for further studies at university.

The school identifies with two main ideas in their overall work; nature and resources. This includes both human and natural resources.  It intertwines these ideas with emphasis on public health, as well as cultural resources. Moreover, the aim is to use the surrounding environment as a part of the education. The focus is to learn about the surrounding nature, respect the environment and how to use these resources to their best ability.

The ideology and the methods of teaching focuses on making students active participants in their own studies, to become independent and to control the pace of their studies with support from the student counselors and teachers. The school uses various different methods of teaching, with emphasis on assignment based learning and the students are evaluated throughout the term using formative assessment. 

Modern technology is part of the studies, all the necessary material, beside the course books, is accessible through the school's internal online learning system, Inna. Moreover, the students' timetable is flexible and the students influence partially the time themselves.

The teaching methods are varied, the teachers supervise the students but at times the students are able to choose if they learn independently or seek assistant from the teacher in the subject of their choice. The design of the school building is adapted to the teaching methods and the school is well equipped technically. If students use their time in school well they should be able to finish most of their work before the school day is out.

The school aims on building a robust social life of students where everyone is able to find something of their interest.

Framhaldsskólinn í Mosfellsbæ focuses on being involved in the surrounding environment, both in terms of arts and culture, sports and public health and other things that characterize daily life in Mosfellsbær.

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