Modern Technology and Flexibility

Flexible Timetable

The timetable is flexible with, on the one hand, regular classes under the supervision of the teachers, and on the other hand, an optional project-orientated classes a few times a week. These classes are controlled by the students, they can choose to work independently or seek assistance in a particular subject where they can sit down with the teacher and discuss the assignments.

Work Facility and the Workday

The school offers a great learning facility especially since the aim of the school is that the students should have little work left once they leave the school, students should be able to finish most of their work during the workday. The overall building is considered a learning facility where students can access free Wi-Fi and find a spot to finish their work. 

Information Technology, Organization and Professional Methods

The school uses the latest technology to the fullest in the school building. Information technology has increased the variety of the teaching methods used and has made it easier for students to have access to and use material found online in a sensible and a critical manner. The usage of modern technology has been time saving and has contributed to organized and professional methods for both students and teachers. All the necessary material is accessible online, except for the course books. Students can access all the information needed, for example, syllabuses, assignments, instructions and everything else the teachers need to put forth, in one place, on an internal online learning system that the school uses, Inna. 

Information Technology and Computers

The teaching system in Framhaldsskólinn í Mosfellsbæ requires the usage of computers but does not extend that requirement to its students. If needed, the school has computers that students can borrow while at school.  However, it is better for students to bring their own computers to school. Moreover, it is important that students have access to a computer connected to the internet at home.

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