Assignments and Evaluation

Evaluation and Grading

A student must receive a final grade of 5,0 for the completion of a course. However, a student can graduate with a final grade of 4,0 in one course during the graduating term if the student has substitute credits. Students do not receive credits for a course completed with a 4,0. Furthermore, students can graduate overall with the final grade of 4,0 in two courses if they have other credits that they can substitute. 

Assignments from a Repeated Course

If a student has to repeat a course, it is possible for students to hand in assignments from the previous course should the teacher allow it. 

Misconduct during Assignments

If a student is guilty of misconduct in assignments (handing in work from other student for example), the work is considered invalid and a remark will be placed on Inna, the internal online learning system. Repeated offences will be referred to the principal and can result in expulsion. 

A Failure to Complete a Course in the Final Term

A student that receives a grade of 4,0 in one course during the final term, which makes graduation impossible, will receive an opportunity to complete a reevaluation assignment that is specially designed by the teacher. The assignment is partly completed in school under the supervision of the teacher and the main emphasis is on the final goals of the course. The overall work for this assignment takes two days. If the student hands in the assignment in a sufficient manner, the course is completed and the student gets to graduate.  

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