The Social Science Program in FMOS

The Social Science Program

The social science program is a program that ends with a certificate in the field of social science, such as sociology, history, psychology and philosophy. The program ends with a final qualification certificate and this program is a great preparation for further studies in university in related fields. For example, sociology, psychology, science of education, Icelandic and history.

The final goals of the social science program are:

That students:

  • have a good common knowledge in the field of social science,
  • can identify distinctive features and the development of society and can identify what influences both individuals and groups within society,
  • become mindful of their environment, learn to enjoy it and treat it with respect,
  • have knowledge in the main ideas of culture, religion, politics and economic development in the past and the present,
  • have the ability to read academic texts in English,
  • can participate in debates concerning topics of society,
  • have developed a statistical literacy to be able to analyze and put forth findings in a critical manner,
  • are well prepared for further studies, especially in the field of social science.

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