The Open Program in FMOS

The Open Program

The open program is a program that ends with a certificate in a chosen field. In this program, all the students finish a wide range of 98 general core credits. Then they add 102 credits which they can choose from the courses available in school. These credits can be from the academic field, subjects related to horsemanship, public health and sport courses and from various subjects from the field of arts. The program ends with a final qualification certificate and this line is a good preparation for further studies in various fields, such as in the fields of arts, sports or horsemanship. The program is a good preparation for further participation in life in general.     

The final goals of the open program are:

That students:

  • are prepared for active participation in society,
  • become mindful of their environment, learn to enjoy it and treat it with respect,
  • have initiative, use creative thinking and are independent,
  • have the ability to express themselves and to communicate both in Icelandic and in foreign languages,
  • are well prepared for further studies,
  • are literate about their surrounding environment and themselves,
  • can use their knowledge and skills in solving various tasks in their life and studies. 

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