The Natural Science Program in FMOS

The Natural Science Program

The natural science program is a program that ends with a certificate in the field of natural science. The main emphasis is on the core of the line, as well as math and science related subjects, such as biology, geology, chemistry and physics. The program ends with a final qualification certificate and this program is a great preparation in further studies in university in the related fields. For example, technical subjects, science, math and fields of various health divisions.

The final goals of the natural science program are:

That students:

  • are well equipped in the field of math and science,
  • are able to apply scientific thinking and methods of analysis to topics of study, obtain information, measurements, evaluation, processing and interpretation,
  • can discuss and participate in an informative discussion concerning interplay of science, technology and society,
  • become mindful of their environment, learn to enjoy it and treat it with respect,
  • can use their skills in science and environmental science, as well as creative thinking in possible future development,
  • have the ability to read academic texts in English,
  • are well prepared for further studies, especially in the field of technology, science and environmental science.

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